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Representation of CPAs, enrolled Agents, Actuaries, Retirement Plan Agents & Appraisers

Former Senior OPR Enforcement Lawyer Kevin E. Thorn Successfully Represents Tax Agents and Other Financial Professionals Facing Office of Professional Responsibility Issues

CPAs, enrolled agents, actuaries, retirement plan agents and appraisers are subject to a wide variety of federal rules and regulations when performing their job tasks. For example, those professionals who are classified as “practicing before the IRS” because of their involvement with tax matters are subject to regulations found in Circular 230. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and other federal laws also impose high standards of professional conduct on actuaries, retirement plan agents and financial professionals in related fields.

An accusation of misconduct brought against any of these professionals by individuals, organizations or government agencies can trigger an aggressive investigation and legal proceedings with potentially serious consequences. ERISA violations, Circular 230 violations and other violations of federal regulations can result in agencies – including the IRS – using the full breadth of resources at the disposal of government agencies to identify wrongdoing and impose sanctions. 

Those who are facing the threat of serious penalties will need to consult with a professional misconduct defense attorney who has the insider knowledge, experience and skill necessary to stand up to powerful federal agencies.

Thorn Law Group is familiar with the administrative investigations and disciplinary proceedings that federal agencies initiate because Managing Partner, Kevin E. Thorn, was a Senior Attorney with the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility and the only former OPR lawyer currently in private practice. Thorn Law Group can help CPAs, enrolled agents, appraisers, retirement plan agents and others in related fields to fight for their professional reputations and to do everything possible to avoid penalties when allegations of wrongdoing by the OPR have been made.

How a Former Senior OPR Enforcement Attorney Can Help CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Actuaries, Retirement Plan Agents and Appraisers

If you are a financial professional under investigation by the OPR, Department of Justice (DOJ), or agencies like the Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries, you need to understand what your obligations are and how the investigation process works if you have been accused of wrongdoing.

Thorn Law Group can help you to understand what rules and regulations you have been accused of breaking if you are being investigated and what those regulations actually require of you.

As a former Senior OPR Enforcement attorney, Kevin E. Thorn has rare and invaluable knowledge into the Office of Professional Responsibility’s operations. He will help you to avoid self-incrimination during an investigation or during disciplinary proceedings and will work with you to identify the appropriate strategy for responding to claims that you violated your obligations or broke the law. Mr. Thorn can represent you in disciplinary proceedings before administrative agencies and can work with you to avoid penalties or minimize consequences that could result from alleged wrongdoing. 

Consequences of violating federal regulations in ERISA, Circular 230 or other statutes can be very serious and can lead to losing your career due to sanctions that prevent you from continuing to work in your field, public censure or reprimand, a monetary penalty and potential criminal prosecution. You need to ensure that you are fighting hard not only to protect yourself, but also to protect the firm that you are employed by – which could also be held accountable if you are found to have failed to fulfill your professional obligations.

Contact Thorn Law Group to Avoid Severe OPR Penalties

Thorn Law Group will work closely with you to understand allegations of wrongdoing and to create a strategic defense strategy. To find out more about how our firm can help you if you are a tax or financial professional, call us today at (202) 349-4033 to schedule a confidential consultation.

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