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Meet Kevin E. Thorn

Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group and the Only Former Senior OPR Enforcement Lawyer in Private Practice

If you are under investigation by the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for ethics violations or for any failure to fulfill the duties imposed by the IRS upon tax preparers, attorneys and appraisers, you need a serious lawyer on your side with unparalleled experience in this field and with knowledge of how the OPR works.

The Office of Professional Responsibility has tremendous power to impose penalties on tax professionals, including potentially career-ending penalties. These penalties may be imposed for something as minor as not providing a taxpaying client with copies of tax returns or for serious violations, such as failure to conduct due diligence to ensure clients who are claiming the earned income tax credit are actually eligible for it.

Whatever the alleged violation, the OPR has the authority to investigate and take action against the license of a tax preparer, attorney and other professionals. This means the agency has the power to affect your entire professional life if you've allegedly committed an ethics breach or regulatory violation.

If you are at risk of being investigated by the OPR, it is important to seek legal help with a knowledgeable legal professional. When your career and future are on the line, Kevin E. Thorn is the attorney to turn to. Mr. Thorn has rare and invaluable insight into the operators of the OPR, having formerly served as a senior attorney and acting manager for the Office of Professional Responsibility. As Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, Kevin E. Thorn is currently the only former senior IRS OPR lawyer in private practice, which uniquely positions him to provide his clients with optimal legal counsel.

How Kevin E. Thorn’s Unique Experience and Rare Insight Into the OPR Can Help You Avoid Fines and Penalties

Attorneys, appraisers and tax preparers subject to Circular 230 could face an investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility for a wide variety of ethical breaches, regulatory violations or even simple failures to comply with paperwork rules and requirements. 

Kevin E. Thorn knows when and how the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) launches investigations. Mr. Thorn can offer an inside perspective on OPR issues because he actually was an OPR attorney... and not just any attorney, either – he was a senior attorney with the Office of Professional Responsibility and your best chance of avoiding OPR fees and penalties.

Mr. Thorn was also the acting OPR manager, giving him even broader insight into how operations work within the agency. This inside perspective is immeasurably beneficial when Kevin E. Thorn helps tax preparers and tax professionals to stand up against the IRS' OPR and fight for their career and reputation.

Save Your License, Make No Payments to the IRS and Eliminate OPR Concerns

After leaving the OPR, Kevin E. Thorn founded Thorn Law Group, a private practice, to help tax professionals, attorneys, accounting firms and other professionals who had been accused of professional misconduct. Individual tax preparers and law firms have turned to Mr. Thorn for his successful history in defending high profile individuals and some of the biggest companies in the world.

Mr. Thorn has helped numerous clients eliminate OPR concerns and avoid having to make payments to the IRS. He is ready and waiting to do the same for you.

Contact Kevin E. Thorn for Superior Assistance in Fighting an OPR Investigation or Charge

An OPR investigation could be the end of your career – and your financial security – if serious penalties are imposed. You cannot take a chance on working with an attorney that does not have an inside perspective on OPR issues. You have a rare opportunity to work with the only former IRS OPR attorney in private practice. Speak with Kevin E. Thorn and the experienced members of the legal team at Thorn Law Group by calling (202) 349-4033.

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"Kevin E. Thorn and the tax attorneys at Thorn Law Group are exceptional. When I came to them, I had just received a letter from the Department of Justice concerning an undisclosed bank account at a Swiss bank. I thought I was going to go to jail and lose everything I had worked for just because my family and my business are international. Mr. Thorn's knowledge of the tax laws and his skills in presenting my situation to the IRS and Department of Justice proved superior!"