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Kevin E. Thorn Offers Clients a Rare Inside Perspective on OPR Issues as the Only Former OPR Attorney in Private Practice

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Thorn Law Group is a leader in providing tax counsel and legal representation to clients throughout the United States and around the world. Our firm is home to a team of highly effective, solution-oriented tax attorneys. Each Washington DC tax attorney at Thorn Law Group is focused on delivering superior tax planning advice and resolving complex tax disputes in the most effective and efficient manner.

The legal professionals at our firm are former IRS tax attorneys. This experience gives us a strategic advantage when navigating clients through the complex procedures and structures of government agencies and allows us to provide unique and invaluable insight into IRS policies and procedures. We have advocated in cases that involve business tax concerns and international tax issues, such as the reporting policies for offshore bank accounts and voluntary disclosures. We have provided legal counsel in many cases that include criminal tax investigations and general IRS audits and appeals.

Kevin E. Thorn, Managing Partner of Thorn Law Group, is a highly sought-after and experienced former IRS OPR attorney – the only former Senior OPR lawyer currently in private practice. With rare and invaluable knowledge of how the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility functions, Mr. Thorn successfully represents tax professionals, law firms, accounting firms and other entities.

Mr. Thorn is a frequent lecturer on issues involving ethics, standards of practice, return preparer penalties and professional malpractice situations on the local, state and national level. Additionally, he writes and comments extensively in national publications on topics relating to the IRS’ Office of Professional Responsibility and Ethics. For behind-the-scenes information regarding the OPR, check out Mr. Thorn’s article, A Rare Look Inside the IRS’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Providing Insight on Circular 230

Circular 230 governs regulations of practice for attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, enrolled actuaries and appraisers before the Internal Revenue Service and is often referred to by the OPR when determining if alleged misconduct is actionable. If the OPR has jurisdiction in a matter and no statutes of limitations are involved, the Enforcement Attorney assigned to the case will evaluate the facts and gather further evidence to determine whether or not the OPR has an actionable claim against the practitioner.

Often, this is when the attorneys at the OPR confirm which, if any, section of Circular 230 is implicated by the alleged misconduct. During this stage of the evaluation process, many cases are closed without the OPR issuing an allegation letter. However, if the OPR attorney determines that the case is actionable and that the evidence supports the issuance of an allegation letter or further disciplinary measures, then the Enforcement Attorney will move forward as they see fit.

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With invaluable experience as a former OPR lawyer, Kevin E. Thorn will provide you with the highest quality legal advice available. Mr. Thorn handles all the biggest OPR cases and has been hired to assist at major accounting firms. He has helped hundreds of clients by reducing or completely eliminating OPR penalties. He will do the same for you. Call (202) 349-4033 to schedule a consultation with Mr. Thorn and review your rights and legal options.

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    Thorn Law Group was founded to help both individuals and businesses from across the country and around the globe solve their international tax issues.

  • Experienced OPR Lawyer

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    Thorn Law Group has extensive experience representing both individuals and firms before the Internal Revenue Service's Office of Professional Responsibility.

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    First, we identify the issue. Second, we come up with a plan to attack the audit. Third, we resolve the client's issue successfully.

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    Many of our clients come to us with serious tax matters before the IRS including payroll, trust fund recovery, and worker classifications type tax issues.

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    In today's constantly changing world, individuals are forced to deal with complicated tax laws from different countries, facing additional challenges in terms of tax compliance.

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"The attorneys at Thorn Law Group, PLLC have significant experience in all phases of tax controversy, fraud and tax litigation. The Managing Partner, Kevin Thorn, is incredibly personable, yet also brilliant at what he does. Kevin's depth of knowledge in tax administration and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the government's and the courts' perspectives in our case. I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone with needs in resolving any kind of tax disputes."